Bruce Wayne, disco party animal

Chris McKay’s The Lego Batman Movie may be a genuinely funny absurdist comedy, an inventive visual delight with spot-on voice acting, a postmodern, good-natured spoof of superhero blockbusters as well as, at the same time, an action-packed mega-crossover adventure yarn in its own right, a feast of geeky cameos and easter eggs, a surprisingly wide-ranging and detailed homage to the depictions of the Caped Crusader across multiple media, a meta-commentary about the different ways Batman can be cool,  the closest thing to a Brave and the Bold feature-length film we are ever going to get, and way more charming, clever, and engaging than any shameless 104-minutes-long advertisement for toys had any right to be, but it did get one thing wrong. Batman is not into rap metal… he is totally into disco music:

batman 302Batman #302
batman 318Batman #318
brave-and-the-bold-151The Brave and the Bold #151
solo-07Solo #7


NEXT: Surrealist Batman covers.

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