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3 Scarecrow-induced hallucinations

One of the reasons the core of Batman’s rogues gallery has proven so lasting is the fact that many of his foes are super-functional storytelling devices. The Joker is a clown, so he always looks scary. The Riddler has a … Continue reading

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13 Batman ghost stories

Because I’m super original, I’m devoting the whole month of October to horror… What can I say, I can’t get enough of gothic comics, especially when they involve Batman battling some restless spirit or a freaky ancient curse! One of … Continue reading

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Remaking Night of the Stalker!

A few weeks ago, I talked about remakes in comics. The thing about this medium, though, is that a lot of the time remakes are not explicit. In fact, it’s not unusual for storylines to share (and usually extend) a … Continue reading

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Bronze Age Splashes

Even though Archie Goodwin was an amazing writer (not to mention a legendary editor), I’m not as big a fan of his 1970s’ run on Detective Comics as others are. I gladly admit, though, that in terms of art, those … Continue reading

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