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Imaginary Batman team-ups by Warren Ellis – part 1

Given how prolific a writer Warren Ellis is, it’s surprising how few Batman stories he has done… It’s not as if there isn’t a whole multiverse of high concepts out there with which he would surely have a blast. Although … Continue reading

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Gotham’s hyper-organized crime

The thing about Gotham City is that it doesn’t just have organized crime, it has hyper-organized crime. It’s like there’s a whole parallel system operating within the city. To be sure, the gangland bosses keep changing, and each one is … Continue reading

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10 Killer Croc designs

Of all the members of Batman’s rogues gallery, Killer Croc has got to be one of the most inconsistent. He has been written as a street smart thug with a skin disease, as a dumb superhuman monster, and even as … Continue reading

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