Awesome Swamp Thing splashes by Nestor Redondo

Taking a break from Batman comics for a moment… Artist extraordinaire Bernie Wrightson deservedly gets a lot of praise for his work on the original Swamp Thing series – a true horror/fantasy classic! – but his successor, Nestor Redondo, did a remarkable job as well, in his own way. In particular, Redondo churned out some title pages that are worthy of pulp magazine illustrations or cult movie posters, not least because of Marcos Pelayos’ lettering and Tatjana Wood’s colors.

Here are 5 awesome ones:

swamp-thing-12Swamp Thing #12
swamp-thing-14Swamp Thing #14
swamp-thing-17Swamp Thing #17
swamp-thing-18Swamp Thing #18
swamp-thing-22Swamp Thing #22
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