20 spectacular Spectre covers

Apart from having a particularly gruesome origin story, larger-than-life powers, a sadistic sense of poetic justice, and at least a couple of awesome comic runs on his portfolio, a key aspect that stands out about the Spectre is his visually striking design. The stylish green cloak and the ghostly white skin on his semi-naked body, coupled with the Spectre’s perpetually grim features and the character’s propensity for surreal horror tales, have lent themselves over the years to some of the most downright creepy covers on the stands.

Here are twenty breathtaking examples (taken from the Grand Comics Database), to haunt your nightmares:

More Fun Comics 54secret origins 5the spectre 4adventure comics 434Wrath of the Spectre 3the spectre 7the spectre 9the spectre 49the spectre 45the spectre 18the spectre 22the spectre 36the spectre 29the spectre 38spectre 9the spectre 6the spectre 30the spectre 24the spectre 44the spectre 10

And, of course, I had to include at least one with Batman on it:

batman 541

NEXT: This one is for the goths.

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